Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah Gymnastics Live TONIGHT From Tucson

Jan. 25, 2013


TUCSON, Ariz. -
Scores and commentary from tonight's meet between No. 8 Utah and No. 13 Arizona will be posted below.

You will need to hit your reload/refresh key for updates on scores and commentary. Introductions are scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. MST and the first scores and comments should begin to appear about 15 minutes later.

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Official Live Scores

ARIZONA                          UTAH
VAULT                            VAULT
Shana Sangston       9.775       Nansy Damianova    9.775
Barbara Donaldson    9.775       Taylor Allex       9.800
Allie Flores         9.800       Lia Del Priore     9.750
Kristin Klarenbach   9.750       Georgia Dabritz    9.925
Jordan Williams      9.775       Corrie Lothrop     9.875
Aubree Cristello     9.775       Tory Wilson        9.950
UB: 48.900; Running: 48.900      VT: 49.325; Running: 98.500
Utah vault notes: Both Nansy Damianova and
Taylor Allex went high and big and had a step on
their landings.
Lia Del Priore got way back on the mat, but ran out of
her landing.
Georgia's vault was flat out perfect.
That might be about as good a vault as Corrie Lothrop
can do. She got way out on the mat and stuck it.
Tory Wilson's vault is just plain ridiculous. It is SO
big, SO high, SO straight and she dropped from the
sky and landed it solid.
Again, Utah's exhibitions looked like starters, with
Mary Beth Lofgren and freshman Haley Lange (in her
first routine) sticking nice vaults.

BARS BARS Allie Flores 9.825 Kassandra Lopez 9.800 Lexi Mills 9.600 Nansy Damianova 9.750 Jordan Williams 9.800 Breanna Hughes 9.825 Molly Quirk 9.850 Hailee Hansen 9.825 Aubree Cristello 9.875 Corrie Lothrop 9.850 Danielle Buchanan 9.800 Georgia Dabritz 9.875 UB: 49.150; Running: 98.050 UB: 49.175; Running: 49.175 Utah bar notes: What a phenomenal bar set! All six of the starters did great and now Mary Beth Lofgren and Becky Tutka both having killer routines as exhibition. Kassandra Lopez, with family and friends stretching a K-a-s-s-a-n-d-r-a sign across the section, was fast, clean and stuck her dismount. She would score higher later in the lineup, so imagine how good that routine was. Nansy Damianova had a beauty going, but had to go to "plan B" at the end to get her dismount in order. Her plan B looked good too! Breanna Hughes is so long, smooth and confident. She swung really well, big moves, nice landing. I think the country music helped Hailee Hansen to her best routine this season. Corrie Lothrop had some trouble in warmups, but not once it counted. Nice tricks and dismount. Possibly, Georgia was 1/100ths of a centimeter off of one straight handstand. Otherwise, another classic for No Grips Dabritz.

BEAM BEAM Jordan Williams 9.775 Tory Wilson 9.750 Allie Flores 9.750 Becky Tutka 9.575 Amber Wobma 9.775 Breanna Hughes 9.800 Shelby Edwards 9.675 Georgia Dabritz 9.275 Aubree Cristello 9.850 Corrie Lothrop 9.800 Molly Quirk 9.825 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.900 BB: 48.975; Running: 147.025 BB: 48.825; Running: 196.600 Utah beam notes: Nice beam routine by Tory Wilson, who had a balance check on her series, but hit everything else, including a nice stuck landing. Becky Tutka (tootka, as the announcer keeps saying), had some trouble. Big balance check on first series and a windmill later. Step on landing. Breanna Hughes must have grown ice in her veins growing up in Minnesota. I couldn't see a thing wrong with that routine. Lya thinks maybe she landed a little crooked. Georgia Dabritz went down on her series. Corrie Lothrop had a beautiful routine. I thought she'd get at least a 9.85, which she did from one judge. Talk about clutch. Mary Beth's Lofgren was vintage freshman year when she made first-team All-American.

FLOOR FLOOR Allie Flories 9.775 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.800 Shana Sangston 9.825 Tory Wilson 9.825 Jordan Williams 9.850 Nansy Damianova 9.850 Molly Quirk 9.775 Corrie Lothrop 9.875 Kristin Klarenbach 9.825 Georgia Dabritz 9.825 Aubree Cristello 9.750 Becky Tutka 9.900 Fx: 49.050; Running: 196.075 FX: 49.275; Running: 147.775 Utah floor notes: Nice, clean routine with nice tumbling from Mary Beth Lofgren. Maybe a little step on her second tumbling pass. Tory Wilson led off with a huge double layout that she left plenty of room to land. Nice tumbling and leaps throughout. I can't say where all her deductions came from but I don't know that much about the dance part. Corrie Lothrop's routine was flat out flawless. One of the best routines I've ever seen her do. Great smiles too! Georgia Dabritz is human it turns out. She crunched her ankles on her first pass (although she didn't step or anything) and had a step on her last pass. Moving Becky Tutka to the back of the lineup finally got her the reward her killer routine deserves. She does the coolest tumbling. Reminds me kind of Daria Bijak with how unusual and tough it is.

UA Final Score: 196.075 Utah Final Score: 196.600

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