Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah Gymnastics Live TODAY from ASU

Feb. 1, 2014


TEMPE, Ariz.--
Live scores and commentary from today's gymnastics meet between Utah and ASU will be posted here. The meet starts at 1 p.m. MT.

In addition to the commentary and scores posted below, here are links to Live Video and Official Scores.

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ASU                              UTAH
VAULT                            VAULT
Sammie Seaman          9.750     Becky Tutka            9.775
Carissa Kraus          9.600     Mary Beth Lofgren      9.825
Allie Salas            9.775     Nansy Damianova        9.875
Natasha Sundby         9.825     Kailah Delaney         9.950
Erin Hamister          9.800     Tory Wilson            9.925
Beka Conrad            9.725     Georgia Dabritz        9.875
VT: 48.875; Running: 48.875      VT: 49.450; Running: 98.675
Utah vault notes:
Becky Tutka's vault didn't get quite as much air as
the last three weeks but it was nice.
Mary Beth Lofgren nailed her vault and got a 9.9 from
one judge.
Nansy Damianova's only error was a little hop on the landing.
Nice air.
I liked both Kailah Delanay and Tory Wilson's vaults for
perfect scores. They were both absolutely sky high and they
stuck the landings cold.
Georgia Dabritz was great in the air and almost, but
not quite, stuck the landing.

BARS BARS Kristine Levin 9.725 Breanna Hughes 9.750 Beka Conrad 9.725 Tory Wilson 9.800 Stephanie Miceli 9.700 Hailee Hansen 9.800 Brianna Gades 9.650 Corrie Lothrop 9.850 Carissa Kraus 9.825 Nansy Damianova 9.850 Kellie Wanamaker 9.200 Georgia Dabritz 9.925 UB: 48.625; Running: 97.500 UB: 49.225; Running: 49.225 Utah bar notes: Breanna Hughes had a nice routine with one handstand just a little shy and a small hop on the dismount. Tory Wilson got a little sloppy on one release move, although she did hit it and it was big. I thought Hailee Hansen's routine was quite clean, maybe just a little slow coming off her hop on the low bar before moving to the high bar. Not much else wrong I could see. Corrie Lothrop moved well from bar to bar and her handstands and release moves were well performed. Nice dismount. I had Nansy Damianova's at a 9.9 although both judges gave it a 9.85; maybe for a not quite stuck dismount. Georgia Dabritz nailed another beautiful routine. All handstands straight, all release moves cleanly done, great stick on dismount. Go

BEAM BEAM Beka Conrad 9.725 Breanna Hughes 9.125 Morgan Steigerwalt 9.800 Baely Rowe 9.825 Brianna Gades 9.800 Tory Wilson 9.850 Stephanie Miceli 9.825 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.825 Kellie Wanamaker 9.150 Kailah Delaney 9.825 Natasha Sundby 9.150 Corrie Lothrop 9.950 BB: 48.300; Running: 145.800 BB: 49.275; Running: 197.200 Utah beam notes: Breanna Hughes, going No. 1 for the first time, had her first career fall. She fell on her first series. Baely Rowe showed no nerves. Way to go freshman. Small balance check. That's as good a routine as I've seen Tory Wilson do on beam. Series were clean and landed well. Small hop on dismount was the only deduction I saw. Love the new version of Mary Beth Lofgren's routine. Again, my lack of true judging knowledge makes it hard for me to know where exactly her deductions came. Kailah Delaney had a couple of little balance checks in the middle of her routine, but started and finished really strong.

FLOOR FLOOR Allie Salas 9.800 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.750 Beka Conrad 9.750 Lia Del Priore 9.800 Sammie Seaman 9.850 Tory Wilson 9.875 Morgan Steigerwalt 9.775 Georgia Dabritz 9.950 Stephanie Miceli 8.550 Becky Tutka 9.725 Natasha Sundby 9.875 Nansy Damianova 9.875 Fx: 49.050; Running: 194.850 FX: 49.250; Running: 147.925 Utah floor notes: One judge gave Mary Beth Lofgren a 9.85 and one a 9.7. I thought the routine looked solid, so the deductions must have been on some nuances that I don't know enough about to see. Lia Del Priore did really nice tumbling and it was an overall nice routine. Tory Wilson just skyed on her double layout and her double back and landed them on a dime. Georgia Dabritz' routine was flat out amazing. Just like last week, she landed all of her big tumbling perfectly. Her dance and leaps were awesome. I thought Becky Tutka's routine was vintage Becky. Really nice, upbeat tumbling and leaps. She had a little step out of her final pass. One judge gave her a 9.85, which was what I expected. Nansy Damianova's routine was very fluid and clean. She looked like she hit her landings to me, but I couldn't see one corner of the mat.

ASU Final Score 194.850 Utah Final Score 197.200

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