Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah Gymnastics Live TONIGHT From Seattle

Feb. 15, 2013


Scores and commentary from tonight's meet between No. 6 Utah and No. 23 Washington will be posted below, starting at around 8:15 p.m. MT. There is no live video stream since the meet is being televised tape delayed by the Pac-12 Networks, airing on Sunday, Feb. 17 at 11 a.m. MST.

You will need to hit your reload/refresh key for updates on scores and commentary. Introductions are scheduled to start at 8:00 p.m. MST and the first scores and comments should begin to appear about 15 minutes later.

Official Live Scores
Scroll down for scores and commentary (remember to it refresh often!)

WASHINGTON                         UTAH
VAULT                              VAULT
Meg Whitney           9.800        Lia Del Priore        9.825
Sheridan Metcalf      9.750        Taylor Allex          9.700
Kiersten Graber       9.800        Mary Beth Lofgren     9.750
Aliza Vaccher         9.875        Nansy Damianova       9.875
Allison Northey       9.675        Georgia Dabritz       9.925
Lauren Rogers         9.875        Tory Wilson           9.950
VT: 49.075; Running: 49.075        VT: 49.325; Running: 97.750
Utah vault notes:
Lia Del Priore's vault was great in the air.
She had a step back on the landing.
Taylor Allex couldn't stick her landing,
taking a big step back.
Mary Beth Lofgren looked like she peeled off the
horse. One judge gave her a 9.65 and the other
a 9.85.
Nansy Damianova couldn't quite stick her landing but
had more height than Lofgren's vault prior.
Sweet vault by Peaches Dabritz. Big amplitude and distance,
nice form and solid stick.
Tory Wilson is ridiculous! She easily could have gotten
a 10.0 again with that vault. She went sky high and
knocked it dead on the landing. Wow!

BARS BARS Jackie McCartin 9.675 Breanna Hughes 9.800 Allison Northey 9.800 Tory Wilson 8.900 McKenzie Fechter 9.675 Hailee Hansen 9.775 Phoebe Tham 9.700 Kassandra Lopez 9.300 Sheridan Metcalf 9.775 Nansy Damianova 9.725 Lauren Rogers 9.725 Georgia Dabritz 9.825 UB: 48.650; Running: 97.750 UB: 48.425; Running: 48.425 Utah bar notes: Really nice clean routine by Breanna Hughes in her first try as first up. Tory Wilson went way up and way down, repeating a fall she'd had in the three-minute touch. Hailee Hansen got close to the bar on one release move, but finished really strong. Solid stick on dismount. Kassandra Lopez balked at first, hitting the board and then stopping. Her next try was great, but she was docked .500 for the balk even though she didn't touch the bars the first time. Judges referred to the rulebook. Nansy Damianova did a pretty nice routine until she was setting up for her dismount and got a little off on the bar. I have sort of an interesting angle here and can't see the handstands, so the only thing I saw wrong with Georgia Dabritz's routine was she stepped back out of her landing.

BEAM BEAM McKenzie Fechter 9.850 Becky Tutka 9.725 Lauren Rogers 9.800 Breanna Hughes 9.850 Aliza Vaccher 9.825 Tory Wilson 9.875 Allie Northey 9.850 Kassandra Lopez 9.725 Jackie McCartin 9.800 Georgia Dabritz 9.600 Paige Bixler 9.775 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.850 BB: 49.125; Running: 146.875 BB: 49.025; Running: 195.975 Utah beam notes: Other than a big balance check after some front tumbling, Becky Tutka's routine as a beauty. That one cost her. That Minnesota ice continues to run through Breanna Hughes' veins. Wow what a nice routine. She was on track from start to a great finish. Later in the lineup, I think you'd have seen a 9.9 + score on that routine. Megan may claim Tory Wilson as an official beamer after that one. Wow. She walked through it like she was, well, running down the vault runway. Watch that one on TV Sunday for sure! Kassandra Lopez had a beauty going until she had to take a bent waste balance check. Everything else looked solid, other than a step on her dismount. I guess I was right and Georgia did miss a connection because her routine started at a 9.90. She wasn't doing anything that I consider the really scary, hard stuff, like the flips. I saw most of Mary Beth Lofgren's routine and what I saw was very good. But I got scared and didn't see part of it.

FLOOR FLOOR Kiersten Graber 9.775 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.525 Allison Northey 9.750 Lia Del Priore 9.775 McKenzie Fechter 9.775 Tory Wilson 9.800 Paige Bixler 9.725 Georgia Dabritz 9.850 Lauren Rogers 9.875 Nansy Damianova 9.875 Aliza Vaccher 9.925 Becky Tutka 9.900 Fx: 49.100; Running: 195.975 FX: 49.200; Running: 146.950 Utah floor notes: Mary Beth came scary low on her last tumbling flip. She somehow managed to turn it and land on her feet, but she stumbled out of it and nearly fell. Nice routine by Lia Del Priore. Good big tumbling and clean throughout. Tory Wilson went big on floor. Nailed her huge double layout on the first pass and everything in between until a little step out of her final tumbling pass. I thought for sure she would score higher than she did. Georgia Dabritz finished with a beautiful triple twist. I think her deductions were she was a little loose on her landing of her first two tumbling passes. Nothing big, but 10ths. Nansy Damianova needs to give a clinic on sticks after double backs. Both feet tight and not even the smallest flicker of movement when she landed that last double pike. Beautiful dance too. Becky Tumblin' Tutka just smoked through her big, fun tumbling. One judge gave her a 9.95 and that's how I saw this one two.

UW Final Score: 195.975 Utah Final Score: 195.975

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