Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utah Gymnastics TONIGHT at BYU, Scores, Commentary

March 1, 2013


PROVO, Utah--

Scores and commentary from tonight's meet between No. 8 Utah, BYU and North Carolina State will be posted below. The meet starts at 7 p.m. in the Marriott Center in Provo and will be televised live on BYUtv.

NOTE: I am not going to be able to score for all three teams, so I'm just doing the live scoring on each routine for Utah and BYU. I'll list NC State's team scores after every rotation. For NC State's individual scores, refer to the Official Live Scores

You will need to hit your reload/refresh key for updates on scores and commentary. Introductions are scheduled to start at 7:00 p.m. MST and the first scores and comments should begin to appear about 15 minutes later.

BYU                                  UTAH                                NC STATE
VAULT                                VAULT                               VAULT
Makenzie Johnson          9.825      Taylor Allex             9.825
Sarah Yandow Wens         9.800      Lia Del Priore           9.850
Raquel Willman            9.750      Mary Beth Lofgren        9.800
Mikaela Jones             9.725      Nansy Damianova          9.925
Haylee Rollins            9.800      Georgia Dabritz          9.925
Eliane Kulczyk            9.825      Tory Wilson              9.950
VT: 49.000; Running: 49.000          VT: 49.475; Running: 147.850        VT: 48.950; Running: 194.675
Utah vault notes:
That might be the best vault I've seen of Taylor Allex.
Really nice in the air, great form, nice distance. She
somewhat lunged out of her landing.
Lia Del Priore is on fire lately. She got even
farther down the mat than Taylor. Also had a lunge out of
her landing.
Mary Beth Lofgren hit a nice vault, but I think she lost
points because she didn't have the amplitude of the first two.
I wasn't close enough to see Nansy Damianova and Georgia Dabritz's
eyelashes, but I'm pretty sure that's all that moved on two
beautiful routines.
And how about Tory Wilson. Following two great vaults by Nansy
and Georgia, she sailed sky high, body straight and tight and
landed without a muscle out of place. Could have easily gone
10.0. It was another classic for her eighth straight victory.
Here's how good Utah is on vault. Becky Tutka, in I believe her
first vault exhibition, scored a 9.75. Then Haley Lange, also
in exhibition had a big time vault. As on her beam and floor routines,
I think she would have really struck gold if she had been a starter.

BARS BARS BARS Marguerite Lindstrom 9.525 Tory Wilson 9.825 Eliane Kulczyk 9.825 Breanna Hughes 9.850 Megan Bain 9.700 Hailee Hansen 9.800 Sarah Yandow Wens 9.850 Kassandra Lopez 9.825 Raquel Willman 9.800 Nansy Damianova 9.875 Haylee Rollins 9.850 Georgia Dabritz 9.900 UB: 49.025; Running: 98.025 UB: 49.257; Running: 197.125 UB: 47.900; Running: 47.900 Utah bar notes: Another high flying routine by Tory Wilson. I think her main deductions came on split legs when she went from the high to the low bar. Great big dismount and stick. Breanna Hughes' routine was a beauty. She tied her career high and it was well deserved. Kassandra Lopez was headed for a huge score until a step back on her dismount. Nansy Damianova nice lines, nice routine. Came a little close to to the top bar on her dismount, but landed it well. Georgia Dabritz hit every handstand and every trick. One judge gave her a 9.95. I agreed with her!

BEAM BEAM BEAM Ashley Follett 9.550 Becky Tutka 9.800 Raquel Willman 9.725 Breanna Hughes 9.825 Emily Vidmar 9.275 Tory Wilson 9.875 Summer Raymond 9.800 Kassandra Lopez 9.675 Megan Bain 9.575 Georgia Dabritz 9.325 Makenzie Johnson 9.800 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.875 BB: 48.450; Running: 146.475 BB: 49.050; Running: 49.050 BB: 48.850; Running: 96.750 Utah beam notes: Sorry for the late commentary. BYU is not posting any scores, so it's very difficult. Becky Tutka hit all her tumbling with just a couple of little balance checks. Breanna Hughes, smooth, confident. Nice routine. Great routine by Tory Wilson. She just walked through that routine. Got great amplitude and landed it well. Kassandra Lopez missed a connection, I think after her somersault, and her start value was a 9.90, which lowered her final score. She also had some wobbles. Georgia Dabritz fell at the end of her series. Mary Beth Lofgren was golden. I thought she'd get a 9.90 or better but one judge gave a 9.85. She appeared nerve-free even after Georgia's fall. Reminds me of her freshman year. FYI, Haley Lange had a really nice exhibition routine and scored a 9.80. I think if it had been to count, she'd have scored a 9.9.

FLOOR FLOOR FLOOR Makenzie Johnson 9.800 Mary Beth Lofgren 9.850 Raquel Willman 9.775 Lia Del Priore 9.900 Sarah Yandow Wens 9.675 Tory Wilson 9.800 Eliane Kulczyk 9.725 Georgia Dabritz 9.800 Megan Bain 9.850 Nansy Damianova 9.850 Haylee Rollins 9.875 Becky Tutka 9.925 Fx: 49.025; Running: 195.500 FX: 49.325; Running: 98.375 FX: 48.925; Running: 145.675 Utah floor notes: Mary Beth Lofgren's routine was really good. She nailed all of her tumbling for the first time in a couple of meets. Lia Del Priore had another 10.0 going until just the teeniest of something at the end of her last tumbling pass. It wasn't really a hop ... more like her foot just turned in kind of funny. Georgia's deductions came on an accumulation of little things. She didn't do anything wrong, but I thought it lacked some of her normal pizazz. Becky Tutka's routine was flat out incredible. From my vantage point of dead center, it looked perfect.

BYU Final Score: 195.500 Utah Final Score: 197.125 NC State Final Scored: 194.675

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