Go Utes!
Go Utes!
Utes Continue Preparations for Upcoming Season

Senior Lori Baird recapped her training week for UtahUtes.com

Senior Lori Baird recapped her training week for UtahUtes.com

Aug. 20, 2007

The Utah women's volleyball team took a training trip to St. George to prepare for the season before classes started on Monday, Aug. 20. Junior Lori Baird recapped the week for UtahUtes.com.

The second week of preseason was just as productive as the first. On Sunday August 12th the whole team took a road trip down to St. George where we spent the next week training. It was good to get away from the normal surroundings and have some bonding time with the team. At the Green Valley Spa we had the opportunity to stay in extremely nice condos, have insanely good catered dinners every night and get treated to 50 minute massages. Despite what it sounds like, we also worked very hard.

Starting Monday we had three hour practices each morning and two hour practices each night. After every practice session we took about an hour (with the exception of a few days) with our sports psychologist, Jane Minor, who helped us with the mental side of our game. It was really good to learn a different side to volleyball beyond skill learning. Many of us had never learned about routines for practices and games to help us get focused. I found it extremely helpful on the court!

Every summer our team is expected to read a book. This summer we read "The Art of Possibility." Monday night we talked about it as a team and really got a feel for what our team is going to be all about this season. It was a way to put each of us in the same mind set as we begin. Wednesday we went on a hike to these HUGE white rocks that were pretty much amazing! Don't worry, we took pictures. Each year the players, coaches, and trainers come up with our own Indian names. We went around in a circle and explained what each of our names meant to us and how they will relate to the proceeding season. Each of us put a lot of thought into them.

A couple nights we watched movies as a team, including a scary one which probably wasn't a good idea; we had girls screaming and jumping even when nothing was happening but it was super fun. Thursday, our final night, we had a team barbeque and pool party. Pretty much everyone took turns doing crazy tricks off the diving board including our team favorite, Skate or Die. A couple people didn't land too well in the water and got sweet welts on legs, arms and stomachs.

Friday morning we traveled home and had a scrimmage where we were able to put all our skills together for a small crowd. Our improvement from the first week to this past week was huge and it was so much fun to see it all come together. Working so hard the past week had definitely paid off. Our final activity for the week was a clinic we put on for a group of LDS parents and children in the area. It was a great chance to introduce our 2007 team as well as extend our skills and knowledge of the game to others.

Like every year, we're working our hardest to become the best athletes and TEAM we can be. This St. George trip has taught us a lot about each other and helped us become better teammates and friends. Each person has stepped up and the coaches are working harder than ever to help us reach our highest self. The road is in front of us, the possibilities are endless and we have the right tools to make it the best season yet!



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